Gerry O'Beirne

“Beautiful… Exuberant and lyrical sound… an album so full of melodic warmth that it can barely be contained… one of the most perfect acoustic albums I’ve heard in a while …. a career defining album”. - John Diliberto of Echoes about “The Bog Bodies And Other Stories: Music For Guitar

"An extraordinary album with innovative arrangements and hauntingly beautiful songs". - Folkworld about "Yesterday I Saw The Earth Beautiful"

“A sublime talent….opens new creative vistas for acoustic guitar music” - fRoots

"Everything he touches resounds to us with an echo of truth and beauty and perfection.-Ranelagh Arts Festival 2010

"An intimate amphitheatre where the gracefulness of O'Beirne's composition finds full expression." - Irish Times

“Gerry O’Beirne has written some of the best new tunes to come out of Ireland’s Celtic music scene. O’Beirne’s guitar playing is always a thing of wonder and his lyrics have become increasingly poetic and emotionally deep.”                                                                                                 - Dirty Linen about "Half Moon Bay"

“The instrumentals are out of this world. A self taught master of the 6 and 12 string guitar, the playing of O’Beirne is superlative and subtle beyond words.” - The Sunday Times

“His works are simple, elegiac and exquisitely worded pen pictures of life’s experiences.” - Rock ‘N’ Reel

“A masterpiece.” - Folkworld about Half Moon Bay

“He’s a lovely singer, a powerful performer and a master musician.” - Evening Herald

“While much of his material (Isle of Malachy, Shades of Gloria, Western Highway, The Holy Ground) is best known sung by others, Gerry reclaims his songs. He involves the listener with a gentle intensity that allows the beauty of his melodies to envelop and sweep them along: images abound of mountains and deserts, foreign lands, and County Clare, loves lost and loves won.” - Irish Edition

“The highlight of the recent Waterboys concerts at the Olympia Theatre was a truly mesmerizing bottleneck guitarist Gerry O’Beirne.” - In Dublin

“Material comes from Paul Brady, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Shawn Colvin and Lennon & McCartney, but the highlight is Gerry O’Beirne’s beautiful ‘Half Moon Bay’.” - Q Magazine (of Maura O’Connell’s ‘Stories’)

“He should be compulsory listening for any aspiring ambitious guitarist. It’s not just his technical dexterity and brilliance that catches the imagination, it’s the inventive use of arrangements, lyrics and melody.” - The Word

“Intelligent, articulate, insightful musicianship from a real craftsman. Not a wasted word nor an untrue note .” - Pay The Reckoning

“He plays guitar like an elephant roller skating through neon grass.” composer Harry Williamson

“A stunning achievement.” Hot Press, about O’Beirne’s production of Lumina.

“Gerry O'Beirne is a master of the guitar who can make the ukulele sound refined, and whose voice is sheer delight.”                                                                                       - Hi-Arts

"truly awe-inspiring"                                                                                - Celtic MP3s Music Magazine

"a masterclass in guitar accompaniment and song arranging with his fingerpicking runs reminiscent of Bert Jansch and his subtle, delicate playing. His own set featured his sweet elegy for the great whistle player Michael Russell, The Shades of Gloria, an excellent blues-talking ukulele in The Glass Boat, and The Holy Ground, his grand song about the Irish who fought in the Mexican War of Independence with lines like “And the wilderness took my breath away” and “where the sage brush grows and the desert wind is blowing free” that put to shame the lacklustre effort in that regard of Ry Cooder and the Chieftains earlier in the week."

- Norman Bissell - (Feb 3, 2010)